ADVANCED SIMULATIONS FOR BUILDING DESIGN - Best Practice and Future developments

Gabriele Vigne and Jimmy Jönsson
JVVA Fire & Risk


The increased use of performance-based design to develop fire safety solutions requires, for complex buildings, the use of advanced tools

  • Spaces can be particularly vast
  • Evacuation paths particularly complicated
  • Architectural layout might impose restrictions

Perfomance Based Design Process

The role of Advanced Modelling into the PBD process
PBD Chart

Fire Model Selection Flow Chart

Once the evaluation phase is reached in the performance base design process, it is time to get into the modelling exercise


Case studies

This section shows some example of complex projects where advanced modelling was an essential part of the design process

  • Large Airport
  • Interchange Station
  • Hight Rise Apartment Hotel
  • Logistics Centre

Case 1 - Airport

  • The first example is the largest and busiest airport in Spain
  • The overall objective of the project was to evaluate the current fire safety level for all existing terminals
  • Both advanced evacuation analysis and Fire and Smoke modelling were performed